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"Amber Ridge is an attempt and dream to provide breathtaking photos and video of your most important memories. We want to be a part in telling your story."


While camping out on an East Tennessee ridge, overlooking a valley just kissed with a hint of autumn, two of my best friends and I decided to make the journey to join our art and passions together into a business. 


Riley, happily married, is one of the most creative and talented artists I know, a free spirit whose expertise is making people laugh, never knowing a stranger, and running on the beach.


Jesse, our friendly giant, comes from the wild lands of Alaska and has the natural ability to excel at everything

he does-including being a professional frisbee player and eating more than I ever thought possible for another human.


Tim (that’s me) is a photography teacher and aspiring future dental student who loves to listen to ideas, hear people’s stories, go on adventures, and consume vast amounts of watermelon.


We make up Amber Ridge - an attempt and dream to provide breathtaking photos of your memories, telling your story.